Whimsy & Wonder

183 Papanui Rd, Merivale, Christchurch

Whimsy & Wonder came to us in late 2023, their goal was simple; they wanted to move away from their post office model and transition to a boutique gift and toy shop. Realising this would be a big change for their customers, they needed a big redesign to match. We worked together, analysing nearby businesses to understand the local aesthetic, wanting to stand out, but avoid a garish clash with the nearby high-end Merivale Mall.

Starting on a bold, rich yellow, we were able to move forward with a few design options. Multiple mock-ups were shared with different designs for the exterior of the physical store location. We finalised a large yellow panel on the corner, to contrast the bright store windows and siding. Alongside the exterior styling and signage, a full rebrand included a new name to capture the magic of the shop, and signal the change in focus to customers already familiar with the store. While “Parris and Jeanne” had a lot of local resonance, it was still synonymous with older services. Any variation of Merivale Gifts would have worked for a time, but would have eventually lost its lustre.

"a big change for their customers
... a big redesign to match it "

Strategic updates of the store's online presence, coupled with the introduction of new exterior photography played a crucial role in redefining its online footprint. The aim was to craft a new narrative, ensuring that the brand messaging was consistent and compelling across all platforms. Opting for a design that captivated passersby, the store utilised its prominent corner location to feature dynamic window displays and signage that highlighted key products and seasonal themes. This strategic visual merchandising approach not only enhanced the store's walk in appeal but also a deeper connection with the community, establishing "Whimsy & Wonder" as a destination for discovery and delight.